If kale isn't exactly your thing, the newest superfoods will probably be much more appealing to you.  Some of the things that Texans have been frying and burying in cheese for years are now considered superfoods, so this news may make your whole year.

Foods that are high in fiber and protein help us feel full longer, and if they're low in calories they can promote weight loss too.  For those reasons, The Today Show says shrimp is a go-to food this year to make you happy and help you hit your health goals.

Just when you thought there was nothing in the world that you could eat for less than 10 calories a pop, the news comes along that a skinny shrimp has just 8 calories and can even boost your metabolic rate and help burn extra calories and fat.  Of course, if we cover it in coconut batter and deep fry it, it may cancel some of the positive effects, but even that is not totally unhealthy.  It could be worse.

Other superfoods to promote weight loss, according to The Today Show, include vinegar and artichokes.

Vinegar can give any boring salad dressing some zing and adds minimal calories and it can put a ceiling on a rise in blood sugar at the same time, according to the experts.  There's vinegar in pickles too right?  Those are another low-cal option when you get a craving for something salty and sour.  Just don't deep-fry 'em.

Artichokes are packed with fiber and they are pretty low-cal, plus they've got probiotics which fill your gut with good bacteria.  Health experts tell us to make artichoke salsa over high-fat spinach-artichoke dip, but we have football parties to attend and spinach-artichoke dip is necessary for admission in Texas.  Maybe we can justify that if we pair it with some shrimp.  And vinegar.

Mushrooms are considered a superfood too, and we're starting to see those as an ingredient in all sorts of things like coffee, chocolate bars, and various dips and sauces.  And a portobello fresh off the grill is pretty good too.

Now back to the burgers and pizza.  But if you want to work in some healthy foods this year that might be easier than kale, these are some good options.

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