If your co-workers don't come back from lunch today, you know what they're doing. Watching baseball.

Today is the day to leave the office at 11:30 and not come back til Monday, cuz this is a wings, beer, and baseball day if there ever was one.  Texas has two teams in the playoffs, and they're playing back to back today.

I am such a huge Rangers fan, and oh boy have they broken our hearts in the past. Game 6 of the World Series comes to mind, playing the Cardinals, and they were just an out from winning the series when bad things happened and the Cardinals came back to nip them in that game and win the World Series.  But we've let that go.  Ahem.

There's something different about this Rangers team.  It's their first year under a new manager, and they have some kind of swagger that we haven't seen in awhile.  Confidence.  Speed.  Experience.  And they're fun to watch, which is precisely why the office may be deserted this afternoon and the sports bars will be full.

After the Rangers and Blue Jays game at 11:45am, the Astros and Royals play at 2:45pm.

Anyone else cheering for a Rangers-Astros American League Championship Series?   Texas is a football state, but these baseball teams may give us the best chance of winning a world championship this year.

So tell the boss you're using that half day that you've been needing to use, and have an awesome baseball lunch.  The rest of us who are working will be score-watching.

Have a great weekend!

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