At the beginning of July, we put up a story about Posados in Nacogdoches being permanently closed. It was listed that way on Google and the Posados website removed Nacogdoches from their locations. There has been no surprise's done.

Now, the brainstorming begins...

What should take over the location? It's located at 1315 North Street, next door to the Legends apartment complex, and across the street from Excel ER. That's a pretty nice piece of property.

Obviously, an easy answer to the question is to say that another restaurant should move in. Fair enough. It was built for a restaurant, so it would make sense to have another restaurant move in and make the building their own. I could definitely see another food place going for that.

But, there are other options as well.

It could be an office of sorts. Fun fact: The Legends office that's right next door to the Posados location we're talking about was a restaurant at one time. Technically, it's been a few different restaurants - La Hacienda, The Hayter House, and Fairchild's.

So, an office wouldn't be an outrageous idea, either.

I think those would be my top two ideas for that building. Another restaurant, or an office. But, I'm always up for new ideas. What are your thoughts on the fate of the building? What should it become? And, even further than that, what SPECIFICALLY should it become? For example, if you say restaurant, WHICH restaurant should it be? Or, should they remove the building altogether? Let us know in the comments below!

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