Seasonal flavors of coffee, ice cream, and even potato chips are all the rage. We get those, right? It's not too hard to understand that pumpkin ice cream might be kinda good, maybe tasting a bit like pumpkin pie. Pumpkin coffee is yummy too. Those who have tried the pumpkin-flavored Pringles say they're surprisingly good too. The sweet-salty combination works.

Some researchers say pairing a vegetable with fat helps the body process vitamins. And that is clearing the way for more wild and wacky mushroom ice cream. Believe it!

Some new dessert flavors being developed include celery sorbet with celery salad, and goat cheese mousse balls. If that's not enough, there's a Seattle restaurant that's perfecting its sweet corn crème brulée with popcorn shoots and candied bacon.

A nutrition professor at the University of Georgia says the body is more able to process a group of vitamins found in vegetables called carotenoids when they're paired with a fat. The fat helps with the absorption process. If nothing else, that bit of news gives us the green light to eat a big fat piece of chocolate cake after we eat a little broccoli. Just absorbin' my veggies!

The weight gain season continues...thanks in part to the seasonal flavors. We'll worry about taking off the pounds in January, perhaps with a few more veggies.

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