It's always a great day when Blue Bell introduces us to a brand new frozen treat flavor. This new ice cream treat will make both chocolate and pecan lovers very happy. Just imagine this new frosty flavor next to a warm brownie for double the goodness. That image is absolute bliss.

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Yes, you are looking at the Blue Bell tweet correctly, that is their new flavor called Chocolate Sheet Cake. It is a mixture of chocolate ice cream, cake pieces and pecans. All I'm imagining is a chocolate brownie with pecans on top just like grandma used to make. This looks amazing.

Oh, oh, this would also be great in a waffle cone while you're enjoying a day at the lake. Just chilling on a log, making your mouth happy with that chocolate goodness and the double crunch of the cone and pecans. So good.

This would also be good for dessert after lunch on a Sunday. A few scoops of the chocolate, cake pieces and pecans paired with a warm brownie. It would be two times the chocolate greatness leading to a perfect Sunday afternoon nap.

This is new Blue Bell flavor, Chocolate Sheet Cake, is available right now in the freezer section at your favorite grocery store and let your imagination run wild with how to enjoy it.

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