The closure of Babies R Us stores left a huge void in the world of baby products, and other retailers are realizing they've got a big opportunity now to fill that need.  A big retailer just announced they'll start selling more cribs and playsets in stores on August 30th, and other retailers are hopping on board too.

Online shopping works, but sometimes a parent or a mom-to-be wants to hold the product in hand at the store and read the back of that pacifier package, or wiggle the crib to see how sturdy it is.  Babies are delicate and buying an infant carrier or car seat online from a picture just doesn't feel right.

Starting at the end of the month, those of us shopping for babies will have a new in-store option.  CBS News says J.C. Penney will start selling cribs, high chairs, strollers and car seats that it had formerly sold on its website only, and the target date to get that going is August 30th.

Other retailers have been picking up the Babies R Us slack too.  Walmart just got through with an overhaul of the baby section of its website and has been steadily increasing the number of baby products that it sells.  BuyBuy Baby stepped up and offered to help folks with Babies R Us gift registries recreate them at BuyBuy Baby. Target and Amazon have been working on ways to reach new parents with more products too.

Finding out you're pregnant is exciting, and shopping at a baby store just seals the deal.  Yes!  We can finally shop there as full-fledged members of the baby club.

And babies need so much stuff!  It looks like we'll have more options than ever to buy the diapers, bathtubs, onesies, and fifty other things on the list.  Lufkin Mall, here we come.

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