Ever since it opened back up in downtown Nacogdoches, The Fredonia Hotel has been quite the talk of the town. And why shouldn't it be? I mean, it's got a couple of awesome restaurants in The Republic Steakhouse and the 1st City Cafe, an incredible bar in Nine Flags Bar & Grill, and, of course, the luxury of all of the state-of-the-art hotel rooms. Plus, it's right in the heart of downtown Nac, so the scenery is fantastic as well.

But now, they're doing something for a lucky winner this summer,  that's going to draw even more attention to the hotel. They're going to be giving away a night's stay at the Fredonia...wait for it...FOR FREE! If you go to The Fredonia Hotel and Convention Center Facebook page, you'll see that they've posted a video of their new commercial, and if you tag a friend and share the video, you'll be entered to win a free night's stay! The winner will be chosen on June 21st.

Why are they doing it on that particular day? Well, to celebrate the first day of summer!

Let me tell you, even though I live in Nacogdoches already, I wouldn't mind a free night at the Fredonia. A night of luxury, for free??? I'm in.


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