If we're not careful, Texas may get the reputation that everything is bigger here.

One of our Texas tacos costs $13, weighs 5 pounds, and it's so big you have to hold it like you're cradling a baby.  Yum!  So where do we have to go to get it?

It's been shared on Facebook thousands of times, so Reico's Smokehouse Restaurant and Catering should probably prepare to get a windfall of orders for this thing.  Reico's is in Corpus Christi, at 5526 Old Brownsville Road if you're about to plug it in to your Google Map and make a beeline for it.

That 24-inch tortilla alone is enormous and might be hard to flip while it's cooking.  But they did it.  And inside, there's enough refried beans, potatoes, breakfast sausage, chorizo, egg, brisket and cheese to weigh as much as that "Yo quiero Taco Bell" chihuahua.  Even he might be impressed with this monster.

MySA.com says Reico's has been making this taco since 1999, but it's just now getting social media attention.  Only a few people have been able to polish it off in the last 18 years, but if you've got the guts to try it (literally) they'll let you attempt it June 17th as part of a Father's Day Taco Challenge.  You've got to eat that huge taco in 13 minutes or less, and then you'll get your money back and a prize.

There are plenty of East Texas restaurants to use as taco practice if you're planning to train for the big challenge. The tacos may not be as enormous here, but if you get out the scale and come up with 5 pounds worth of tortillas, cheese, and chorizo, it could still be the perfect practice round for Father's Day weekend.

Yo quiero tacos.  And some Tums.

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