The strange central Texas area town known as Austin has decided to go big for their furry friends. Austin starts a lot of weird trends that don't necessarily bleed over into the surrounding towns.

The city of Austin plans to open a 16-million-dollar Indoor facility for dogs. The facility will be named “Canine Commons”, this 50,000 square feet air conditioned dog park is something next level.

This indoor facility will offer amenities such as coffee shops and central socialize lounges along with lease free zones and an indoor dog track! Some of the images here had highlighted dog obstacle course and other things along those lines.

To have a dog park membership is a new feature, but who knows ... these indoors dog parks could be created in lots of cities like Nacogdoches.

Let's get talking about this. Get the app or comment on Facebook. Could that money be better spent on other things? What is your favorite with your spot to go with your furry friends? I have so many questions for my East Texas brothers and sister, but y'all gotta participate otherwise I'm talking to myself over here.

I didn't use a great 'featured image' along with this article, but it could be a good reminder to not leave your pets in hot cars this Summer ... or ever.

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