Listen to this father keep his kids from panicking as they take shelter in the bathroom.  He video-tapes the possible tornado as it forms over a Lindale neighborhood on Saturday, and it went on to damage several homes.  Would you be this calm?

KLTV says 8 homes in Lindale were severely damaged with Saturday's storm, and three dozen or so others suffered at least some damage.

Flash flooding is still an issue, and reports of damage from wind are abundant.  Train cars were even blown off a railroad track in Lufkin.

Thankfully there have been very few reports of injuries with Saturday's storms.  But the damage from flooding and wind will take awhile to repair.   Some roads are closed, waiting for flood waters to recede.

This is certain.  Every time there is something bad that happens in East Texas (like the Van tornado earlier this year), folks always come through to help a neighbor, and we know that will happen this time around too. Nobody expects this kind of weather in December, right?  But those nasty clouds always have a silver lining.