Anyone else ready for warmer weather?  It seems like this winter has been colder than others, and every time it starts to warm up a little bit the 40's and 50's come right back.

But warmer weather is coming!

There were more freezes this winter than in past winters.  Are we done with that?

KTRE ran a story awhile back that said there were 42 nights this winter with temperatures dropping below the 32 degree mark.  Usually there are 25 nights with freezing temperatures in a typical winter.

A freeze now would be atypical, but we'll flirt with the freezing mark tonight.  The National Weather Service says the forecast low tonight is 34.

Then the weather should warm up and we'll be year 70 through the weekend with a slight chance of rain, and lows will be in the 50's.

Soon it will be July and we'll be wishing for cooler temperatures, but right now we're ready to get outside and make the most of warmer spring weather.

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