Each year on February 2nd we have to sit around and wait on Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania to know whether we're going to have more winter, or if spring will come early.  Texas has apparently had enough of that nonsense, and that's why we're answering with Bee Cave Bob, the Armadillo.  

Bee Cave Bob lives outside of Austin, and his people kicked off the inaugural Armadillo Day back in 2012.  Every year, some silly characters named Al Manac, Wayne Guage and Hugh Midity watch Bob closely on the morning of February 2, and if he stays out of his hole for awhile then spring is not far away.  If he goes back into the hole right away, then there's more winter coming.

The experts are predicting, by the way, that Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow on Groundhog Day up in PA, meaning there will be six more weeks of winter for all of us. That is one powerful rodent.  He's seen his shadow 87 percent of the time, and his predictions have been accurate 39 percent of the time.  We might be better off trusting an armadillo.

The question becomes, are you going to trust Phil or Bob tomorrow?  Or maybe just look out the window and trust that.  It's supposed to be around 70 on Thursday with a little chance of rain. Sounds pretty springy to me.

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