Imagine, if you will, a garage sale that is miles and miles long. Sounds a bit strange doesn't it? But, that's exactly what's coming up this weekend - or, at least, something along those lines.

This weekend is the "Sale On The Trail".

It's literally a combination yard sale/flea market/trade days/ get the point. It takes place on the El Camino Real, that runs from Natchitoches, LA through our very own Nacogdoches, TX. That means that it's over 100 miles of roadway, filled with sales. And, technically, there will also be some sales taking place for Sale On The Trail in Crockett, which is also on the El Camino Real. It's not all yard sale stuff, though. There are also lots of different shops and stores that will be taking part as well.

It all kicks off Friday, July 31st at 5:00 AM, and will - officially - end on Saturday, August 1st at 8:00 PM. If you're curious about some of the places that will be participating, you can check out the official Sale On The Trail map on Google.  It looks like this:

Google Maps
Google Maps

A link to the map above can be located by clicking here.

Lots of people were concerned that the Sale On The Trail wouldn't be happening this year, due to COVID-19. However, it's still a thing, and it all kicks off on Friday morning. So, if you're up for some sales on the El Camino Real, this is your time.

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