She worked at a sausage company, but apparently tried to make an extra buck beyond her salary by stealing meat from the plant and selling it down the street at a gas station. She didn't get away with it.

Kimberly Carrillo worked at the Kiolbassa Provision Company in San Antonio, until recently when she was fired for stealing the product.

Police caught her down the street trying to sell sausage at a gas station, after surveillance video captured her making off with about $3000 worth of links.  The San Antonio Express News says another employee was also caught on video stealing the goods last year.

Not that we're condoning this, but it may be easier to swipe a stack of Post-It Notes or a roll of paper towels from the office, instead of three grand worth of meat.

Better yet, just crack open a beverage and have the boss over for some legitimately-acquired sausage on the grill, and life will be grand.  In Texas, don't disrespect the meat!

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