The Honda Accord seems to be one of the most common vehicles seen on the roads, not only across the US, but right here in East Texas. Driving on the Highway 59 we see tons of Accords, mixed in with several domestic pickup trucks and foreign and domestic SUVs. I’m rockin’ a Chevy Traverse, packed full of car seats, diaper bags, and scattered discarded Cheerios. And you?

If you drive a Tahoe, rest assured, it’s not likely to be stolen. But if you drive a foreign car, you’re chances of having it ripped off are pretty good. Yikes!

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says 1994 Honda Accords were the most-stolen vehicles in 2011. Those were closely followed by 1998 Honda Civics. Why do thieves like Hondas so much? Older cars are usually stolen because new vehicles have better anti-theft devices. But, the crime bureau says that’s changing as thieves become more high-tech.

Anti-theft devices are key to ward off thieves, and I would suppose it’s better to stuff your vehicle with car seats and kid toys rather than iPods and Smart Devices. Thieves don’t usually want the family gear.