You know me, I get pretty excited when I see our local business changing things up and growing. That's why I've been keeping an eye on Brendyn's BBQ in Nacogdoches. You may remember that the announcement was made that Brendyn's would be opening up a storefront location, as well as keeping the original trailer in operation. That story can be found by clicking the link below:

However, when I drove by, I realized that the new location is about to be a real, working thing. This is what I saw when I drove by Brendyn's new location this morning:

Brendyn's BBQ New Location Coming Soon

They've painted the outside, put up logos, and have been preparing to open. It's hard to believe that you're actually looking at the same building that was previously occupied by Nine Flags Coffee Roasters, before they opened up their new location on North Street...but, it is indeed the same one, located at 601 E. Main St. Same building, different business.

Brendyn's BBQ is planning to open sometime around the beginning of June. Until then, you can still get your "Pig Apples" and Jalapeno Cream Corn wherever the trailer is set up for the day. You can keep up with all of that news by checking out the Brendyn's BBQ Facebook page.

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