As hard as it may be to believe and wrap our minds around, we are right around the corner from the fall months. With that being said, we have a lot of things to look forward to as we near this time of year - sorry about the cheesy rhyme, I can promise you that it was unintentional. Anyway, we want to know what East Texans look forward to most in the fall.

Is it football season? Are you looking forward to being under the Friday night lights as your local high school teams go head-to-head? Is it collegiate football that you start looking forward to Saturdays? Or, are you one of those that is a die-hard NFL fan, planning out your watch parties for Sunday and Monday evening? Or, do you fall in all three categories?

Is it the changing weather? Not that there is A TON of difference in the weather here, just usually a break from the 90-100 degree weather days. Possibly more rain in the forecast, shorter days, cooler evenings. I mean, this part of the list could go on and on.

Are you a fan of the holidays that come with fall? Have you gotten all of your costume preparation done for Halloween? Or, are you setting up one of the local haunted houses? Or, perhaps you're more of a fan of Thanksgiving! Maybe you're already researching and saving new recipe ideas, or knocking off the dust of the traditional family recipes.

Or, does fall bring something else that you enjoy more? Let us know in the comments below!

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