This is one of those sidebar stories that simply tickles the funny bone, rather I should say, the "Chicken Bone".

I was at Wal-Mart in Center one night, and felt like some chicken for dinner.  It was about 7:30pm.  Upon approaching the deli counter I noticed there was no hot chicken.  Went to the "cold" station (where they have potato salad, coleslaw, etc.) only to have my pallet shattered when not a chicken was to be found.  Bewildered, I asked the nice woman behind the counter, "Where's the chicken tonight?"

In a soft-spoken, barely audible voice, almost whisperlike, she politely said "I'm sorry sir, but we're out of chicken tonight".  Why another patron standing next to me was dismayed about this news, I couldn't help chuckling inside, and thanked the lady for a fabulous dose of laughter.  Don't know if it has any medicinal qualities, but for about 45 seconds, I shredded all that underlying stress that comes with everyday life matters.

Will say this though, Texas without chicken is like Florida without o.j., Idaho having no potatoes, pineapples absent from Hawaii, Louisiana without crawfish, no lobsters in Maine, or clam chowder in Massachusettes.  Humorous, huh?

Still, can't help wondering though, how anyone can run out of chicken when 10 chicken trucks pass by my home each day, and there's no more than 15-20 miles separating the Tyson and Pilgrim's Pride plants on Highway 7?

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