Here's a reason to head right to happy hour at Bubba T's or Chili's, or any favorite watering hole after work today.  Regular social drinking is good for our health.

Very smart people who study behavior and psychology have learned that those who regularly spend time with friends at neighborhood bars have bigger social networks, are more plugged in to the community, and are generally more satisfied with life.

Regular happy hour meetings create a social network off of the phone, and keep us mentally fit and healthy over the long haul.  Ok!  If we needed a reason to schedule a happy hour with friends, there we have it.  Buffalo Wild Wings is calling.  Our health and well-being are depending on it.

The ones that keep us healthy and engaged are those quaint neighborhood spots, dive bars even, where you see familiar faces when you walk in and the bar tender knows exactly what you want to drink before you say it.

What's your favorite happy hour hangout?

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