The average temperature for East Texas in January is 51, and in February it's 53.

The predictions are we'll be under those average temperatures for the rest of winter.  Except for today!

After the chilly snap last weekend, our temps have climbed back up to a civilized level, and we'll be in the 70s for the next few days.  If you love the colder weather that's great (for you), but you'll have to run up to Wisconsin to get your fix the rest of this week.  And there's good news for ya.  The cold could come back to East Texas before winter is through with us.

The long-range predictions from the Farmers Almanac say the rest of our winter will include some cold streaks and below normal precip.  We could have another cold spell coming in late January or early February, and then the rest of our winter could be on the mild side.

Warmer weather through the weekend is something we know for sure, and there's a good chance of rain too.  Which may trick the lawn into thinking it's spring, and then we might need a little cold weather to knock it back down.  We'll see what Punxsutawney Phil says about all of this on February 2.

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