Tell me if you think this idea will catch on in East Texas.

Eva Longoria is opening a new steakhouse in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve called "She," and it caters to women. Apparently the steaks will be smaller, cuz us gals just need a few bites and then we're ready to get on with the night. Something tells me the prices won't be small though.

What will guys eat?

I'm picturing thin, beautiful women dining on small portions and loving it, but will those carnivorous fellas on the date enjoy it too? Will a trip to another restaurant later in the evening be necessary just so dudes can fill up on something substantial?

It may be tons of fun, the decor may be super, and it may be celeb-filled and buzz-worthy, but in this case I think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But then again, restaurants are always looking for a fresh approach and a bright entrepreneur just may bring a She-like restaurant to Nac or Lufkin.

Love it or hate it?

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