I've been spending a lot of time lately on the Texas A&M Forest Service Incident Viewer Page. This is where you can get the latest updates on wildfires that are occurring throughout the state.  I really started taking interest in the site when the Nelson Creek Fire near Trinity County burned nearly 2000 acres.

Sunday morning while doing my daily check of the website, I noticed that a one-acre fire was indicated near Highway 94 in Hudson.  The location was less than two miles from my home and, ironically enough, was not more than several hundred feet across the highway from the Texas A&M Forest Service. The Hudson Volunteer Fire Department sent several units to the blaze and within a few hours, the blaze was 100% contained.

Later that day, the Hudson VFD provided an update along with photos on their Facebook Page.  Some 50,000 square feet of brush and timber were not the only things torched, but the Old Peavy House was also consumed by the fire.

I have lived in East Texas since 1990, and I have called Hudson home for nearly the past dozen years, and this was the first time I had ever heard of the existence of the Old Peavy House.  I had heard of the Old Bonner Mansion, but not of this home obscured by trees and weeds just off Highway 94.

I knew that the Peavy family was one of the early settlers of current-day Hudson, but I couldn't find much of anything concerning the history of the house. I did stumble upon a story from 2011 from the Lufkin Daily News.  Reporter Jessica Cooley, now Pebsworth, did a series of stories detailing area houses that were reportedly haunted.  One of those stories was on the Bonner Mansion, and yet another was on the Old Peavy House. It is interesting to note that Cooley's story indicated that some very strange and unexplained occurrences and voices happened during her visit there.

Photo used with permission from Lufkin Daily News/Joel Andrews photographer
Photo used with permission from Lufkin Daily News/Joel Andrews photographer

This is where I turn to you for more details on Old Peavy House.  I know that it was uninhabited for quite some time and that it was built sometime around the 1920s, but I would love to find out more about the history of the home and those who lived in it. Any photos would be welcome as well.  I would also welcome details about some of the reported haunted happenings that some say have taken place there. Feel free to comment on the story link on our Facebook Page or just send an email to Danny@kicks105.com

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