Two former employees at Palmer Dental, Heather Terry and Mary Dorsey, have been arrested for selling dental gold. The Lufkin Daily News reports, sometimes that gold was still attached to bloody teeth.

Anytime a tooth was pulled over the last twenty years at Palmer Dental, the dentist would put it in a jar with other scrap medical waste, and one day the dentist realized the jar was missing.

The two women allegedly took the scrap gold to a gold-buying party in November and earned $3600, then split the money. When they were asked how they obtained the gold, they said a dentist died and gave it to them. Another instance was reported involving a Huntington business.

When Lufkin police detectives got wind of what was going on, Terry and Dorsey were asked to give written statements about how they obtained the gold. They refused, according to an affadavit. When asked to take a lie detector test, Dorsey refused and hired an attorney.

If convicted, each would face up to two years in prison.

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