This affects all of us.  Last night the City of Lufkin considered a 90 day moratorium of CenterPoint Energy's natural gas hike request.

It has always struck me with bewilderment that utility companies are on the front line of rate hikes at a seemingly alarming rate.  According to the latest figures, residential customers would see an average increase of around 11.8%.

Now, before the guys with 100 or so tools on their belt buckle come looking for me after hours, I'm actually okay if the proposed increase revenues are warranted reasonably, and not excessively.

Lufkin is not alone in its trepidation, as Nacogdoches, Jasper, Crockett, and Diboll are all weighing in on the proposal.  In the event CenterPointe is unable to come to terms with the cities in question, they can appeal their case to the Railroad Commission.

I need a beer!