Folks in Austin will be most successful in Texas when it comes to keeping a New Year's Resolution.

And Shreveport ranks higher than Lufkin?  Surely we're more disciplined and determined than we think. Here's the kicker.

WalletHub didn't rank Lufkin. So we'll just assume we rock.

They looked at other cities around the US and considered factors like weight loss, finances, education, and bad habits, and decided that Austin and Plano are in the Top 10 in the nation for keeping New Year's resolutions, and the highest ranking Texas cities.  Shreveport ranks #147, and there's a big blank hole in East Texas where Lufkin is, unranked.  They should have asked us.  We're pretty sure we can do better than Shreveport.

I've seen you at the gym, or at least I've seen your car parked there.  And I've seen you buying lettuce at the grocery store and putting deposits in the ATM.  So I trust that you'll keep your resolution to lose weight, get fit, save money, quit smoking, try harder, do more, be nicer, think positive, and get whiter teeth.  You got this.

We'll check back next week to make sure!

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