Ladies may be creeped out by the story out of Hudson this week. This is why we take those self-defense classes.

A woman was attacked while walking on the track at the Hudson ISD Monday, but managed to break free and call 911. The woman says the man fondled her before he ran off. Hopefully it's an isolated incident, but it's still causing some broader warnings.

It's causing the Hudson ISD to review its safety procedures, and Hudson police say it serves as a reminder for women to always be on their guard.

The Hudson ISD told KTRE they didn't notify parents about the incident because sometimes that causes alarm, but they feel like they took the right measures to make sure students were safe.

There are no plans to close the track, but anyone who uses it, or any other East Texas track for that matter, is urged to be cautious and report anything suspicious. Police are still looking for the Hudson attacker, who was last seen on State Highway 94.

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