We've all seen the shows on TV where there are dangerous criminals living among the regular people. There are burglars, murders, sociopaths, etc.

However, you don't expect this to happen in YOUR life, especially here in Deep East Texas. But it does happen, even here.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety website, there is even a "Most Wanted" fugitive from Lufkin, that is still on the loose.

Troy James Allison is wanted for failure to register as a sex-offender and parole violation. More information on him can be found below:

Mark Cunningham
Credit: Texas Dept. of Public Safety

And, as you can see, you can earn up to a $2,000 reward for helping catch this man.

His last known address was at 407 East Jodie Avenue, in downtown Lufkin. So, if you have any information on him, you're asked to contact the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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