A few weeks ago we brought you the story of Loren Huffstetler, who hadn't missed a day of school her entire life and was on her way to a pretty amazing attendance streak that stretched from kindergarten and elementary school, to middle school and junior high, then high school. Well, the school year has ended now for Loren at the Hudson ISD, and she did it. Perfect attendance feat accomplished.

That's thirteen years of not missing a day. She's never taken a sick day or faked the flu to get a day off, so she doesn't know what it means to make up work or ask a classmate to borrow notes. Pretty impressive!

What's the secret?

Huffstetler is on the Hudson Highlights drill team, and like any extra-curricular activity, if you miss school you can't participate. That may have had something to do with the discipline to stay in class. But Huffstetler told the Lufkin Daily News she just doesn't get sick. And, she says, she likes going to school, and if she stayed home she would probably "just eat all the time and gain weight."

Huffstetler plans to attend Blinn Junior College this fall. The professors might as well go ahead and mark her down as being in class every day. Congrats Loren!