The rest of the team traveled to Jacksonville by plane, but quarterback Deshaun Watson took a 12-hour bus ride to avoid having cabin pressure on his bruised lung and injured ribs.  And JJ Watt is totally jealous.

While the rest of the Houston Texans were crammed into coach class on a plane, Deshaun Watson had almost an entire tour bus to himself where he could stretch out, relax, and take a nap.  He traveled to Jacksonville for Sunday's game on the bus with three other people and they all hung out, watched film, watched TV, got something to eat, and slept.

JJ Watt joked that he would have rather taken the bus trip with Watson to "ice up some beer and have a good time."  The Texans might have had something to say about that, but it would have been fun to keep up with on Twitter.

Watson has been nursing the rib and chest injury since the game against the Cowboys October 7th, but he's on the mend and has been cleared to play.  He tossed one touchdown pass in Houston's 20-7 win over Jacksonville on Sunday.  Then back to the bus.

Watson took the 12-hour ride back to Houston after the game against the Jaguars, and finally, after 24 hours on the road, he can rest at home for a couple of days.  The Texans play the Dolphins October 25th at NRG Stadium on Thursday Night Football.

And then what?

Next up it's a road trip to Denver on November 4th, which would be a 15 and-a-half-hour road trip. Yikes.  Wanna take that trip JJ?  Hopefully, Watson's lungs are all healed up by then, especially with that Mile High altitude.

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