We've been teasing this for awhile now, about us doing something that we called the pumpkin trials. Well, it happened, and we've even got the video to prove it. Check it out:

So, basically, if it has "pumpkin" anything written on the package in the grocery store, AVOID IT. The only exception would be the pumpkin pie filling. But, that's it!

There are just some things that don't need pumpkin flavoring added to them. Actually, there are A LOT of things that don't need that flavoring added to them. However, we tried them. Does it make us any better? Not at all. But, in the spirit of fall, we tried.

Have you tried any of these pumpkin-flavored things? What did you think? Or, do you have any recommendations of other pumpkin-flavored items that we should try? Let us know in the comments below.


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