I was never one to get really deep into St. Patrick's Day, not because of anything against the holiday, I just didn't go out of my way to celebrate it. However, I knew of several people that went all out for it. Are you one of those?

I may not have been a huge fan of St. Patrick's Day, but one thing I experienced several years in grade school, and did enjoy as a younger child, was having green eggs and ham. You know, the meal straight from the Dr. Seuss book. I had a few teachers that made this for class as I was growing up. I mean, yes, when you think of eggs and ham being green, it brings a negative connotation with it. But, if it's just green food coloring, I don't see anything wrong with it.

Another thing that I saw, and see even more often now, is the people decked out in green apparel. I don't know about you, but I just don't have that much green clothing at home. Again, I'm not opposed to it, it's just not my favorite.

And finally, something that I see several people going for is the visit to the bar. Whether the bar is serving "green beer" or just regular tap, I see lots of people making the trip out, 'In honor of St. Patrick's Day'. No judgement here, I'm just making observations.

What am I doing? Well, after work that day, I'll probably go home, have a nice dinner with my wife, and just enjoy the evening at the house. Boring? To you, maybe, but sounds like a good St. Patrick's Day to me!

If you're one of the ones going out that evening, enjoy your evening - however that you're celebrating it. Oh, one more thing...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from Q107!

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