As many of you know, in Lufkin there is an anonymous donor that has been looking out for the local wildlife, providing them with food such as tortillas in  parking lots, and even giving them nicer food selections, like shrimp! But now, this kind, generous, giving person has really gone out of their way to make things better for our local animals.

We don't like to think that the people in East Texas are using the ground as a trash collection area. We know the folks around these parts are more respectful when it comes to the Lufkin streets, and that they are simply making donations to the wildlife or less fortunate.

Another way to look at these special 'donations' is to use them as a storytelling exercise, like how we imagined an annoying friend slapping the fried shrimp out of his pal's hands seconds before he could bite into the savory treat. We've all got a friend or two like that, so it isn't completely implausible, right?

This time around the donation appeared in the form of ...


That's right! The anonymous donor has now left not only food, but he even left shelter for the local rodent population, or even small reptiles. It must take a very upstanding individual to go this far out of the way to look out for our local wildlife.

OR . . .

Ok, there is no "or". It's just an empty box in a parking lot. But it was a cool thought, right???

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