Every day lately has felt like a thousand degrees, but in actual temperature terms, today is going to be the hottest yet.  The forecast says we'll see a high of 108 in Lufkin, with a heat index of, well...painful and unbearable.

Does that change your workday at all?  Some businesses are adjusting.

I got my oil changed yesterday and there was a big sign on the door that basically said, in light of the extreme heat, expect this oil change process to take longer since the guys need to take frequent breaks to re-hydrate.  There is no AC back in the shop, and even though the doors are up, when it's hot outside it's hot in there.  And it's not just the air temperature that impacts the temperature of the mechanics' garage.  Pulling hot cars into the garage constantly and letting the engines puff more heat into the air...well it gives new meaning to the phrase hot mess.  At one point the store manager came back into the lobby and announced it was 126 degrees in the mechanic bays.  Since they were risking their lives on my behalf, I didn't feel so bad about paying an arm and a leg for new tires.

I worked with a roofer once who only worked from about 8am to 2pm in the extreme heat.  Roofs are closer to the sun, and that's a place nobody wants to go right now.

Same goes for landscapers and some contractors that work on outdoor additions and patio spaces.  Many of them take the late afternoon off from the heavy lifting.

Does anyone else adjust?  Road construction workers?  Fence builders?  We'd love to know.

We'd also like to know when the heat will let up.  The forecast says we'll be over 100 all the way through Sunday.  Suddenly the snowy February and March we had doesn't seem so bad.