The scams get more brazen with time, and the more the men, er women, try it just "one" more time, the odds get stacked for being caught.

You can watch reruns of "Unsolved Mysteries", and say, "look at all those people who got away with crimes", but in actuality, the percentage of those never caught for their criminal behavior is relatively low.

Case in point, Sandy Ramirez from McAllen Texas, who was sent to prison for two years for arranging at least 30 fake marriages.  She was centering her activity on those from other Countries, whereby promising a lifetime exclusion of immigration examination, by marrying someone from the United States.

Of course, the nuptials never solidified, but Ramirez saw her bank account swell nonetheless.

Ramirez ran her scam for nearly a decade before "lady luck" took a nap.  And, you know luck had something to do with this, since she punched her ticket to Leavenworth at  -  77 years old.

Do you think the pair of sevens had anything to do with her capture and conviction?  You know, it's the one number on a set of dice at the Craps table that ends your lucky streak.