Recently we did a post poking fun at the University Mall in Nacogdoches, and we got called out on it.

The article in question was a list of joke Valentine's Day date ideas I wrote a few weeks before V-day. You can read the entire post at the link posted below:

In the article I called the University Mall, "The Hall," well, here's what I said;

If you’re looking for somewhere to take that special someone without being distracted, the mall on University is the place to go! It’s got everything from secluded seating, to dim, romantic lighting. You can even buy an Icee to share with your valentine! Pay no attention to the occasional creepy guy staring at you…

Nothing too harsh, right? There are creepy guys everywhere, not just at the mall in Nacogdoches, and I didn't really call out any specific shops.

A concerned citizen from Nacogdoches brought it to our attention that we may have given the mall "bad publicity" and potentially hurt the business there.

The email my bosses got DID raise a couple of good questions, and I'd like to poll our listeners to get some answers.

1: Did I go too far in what I said?

2: Is there such thing as bad publicity?

3: What are your thoughts on the University Mall in Nacogdoches?

We were informed that several business owners are working diligently to turn the mall around for the better, and we will move forward doing what we can to spread the word of any cool events happening there.  Sound off in the comments on what you think of this matter, so I don't continue walking around feeling like a villain bent on destroying my own community. I do live in Nacogdoches by the way, and have lived there full-time since 2012, when I came to school at SFA. Before that, I was coming to Nacogdoches - literally - my entire life.

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