Not only is Nacogdoches the oldest town in Texas.  It's the best, according to a popular website.

The Spanish heritage and the hospitality are two of the reasons why we love it.

Nacogdoches was founded by Spanish settlers who were looking to baptize the Native Americans living in the area at the time.  It's got rich history, and plenty to do these days too. says , "...Nacogdoches is sure packed with things to see, mostly historic monuments and sights of interest, such as the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Stone Fort, Old Stone Fort Museum, the Old University Building, Camp Tonkawa, Durst Taylor House and the Hotel Fredonia."

That's enough to land Nacogdoches in the #1 spot on the list of the Top 20 Small Cities in Texas.  Others on the list include Salado, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, Canton, and Bandera.  Road trip.

Ok Nac, here is your chance to brag.  What's the best thing about living there?  Thanks for the barbecue and brisket, the shopping, quaint mom and pop shops, and that OTT Motorcycle Rally that's coming up in April.  We think you're pretty cool too.

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