It's vacation season and gas prices are low enough that the trip won't have to be cancelled because of that, so where are you headed? My family is going to Austin for a long weekend around the 4th of July, and then later in the summer we're going to see family in Nebraska. Exciting, I know.

If you have a job, chances are you look forward to time away from the job. Who takes the most vacations - us regular ole workers, or the bosses? Take a wild guess.

A new survey from finds 81 percent of managers have or plan to take vacation this year, compared to 65 percent of full-time employees.

8 of ten bosses take a nice respite from the job, and slightly more than 6 in 10 workers.

And check this out. Thirty percent of workers check in with the office while they're away. AND, thirty-seven percent of bosses expect them to do it. Stop the madness! Take a break already.

I say that, knowing full well I'll have my cell phone with me on my little getaways, and I'll be watching to see what emails roll in. I may not check in with the office, but I'm still one of those offenders who can't let work go. Shame on us.

Stay-cations are still popular, according to the survey. Thirty-eight percent of workers stayed home or are planning to stay home this year. In that case, Lake Sam Rayburn and the Ellen Trout Zoo are looking good.

The Louisiana Peach Festival is going on this weekend too...that's not far Have fun! And don't check in with the office. It will still be there when you get back.