Imagine getting 200 bee stings and living to tell the story.  Kristen Beauregard of Pantego, Texas is thankful she had a swimming pool to jump into, because without that H2O, the outcome could have been fatal.

Experts are still not sure if the attack on Beauregard, and her boyfriend who was stung nearly 50 times, was that of the deadly "killer" bees.

"Killer" bees go on a frenzy just because, and if you catch them in a bad mood, which is all the time, then a swimming pool may save your life, or at the very least a minimized assault.

Beauregard and her "beau" were exercising their Shetland pony and show horse when the bees were disturbed, and even though the pony which was also being heavily stung, leaped into the pool with Beauregard, he could not be saved.  Sadly, the horse also died before the veterinarian arrived.